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The River Club
Executive Sous Chef was asked...17 January 2018

Do you have experience with fine dining?

4 Answers

Yes I’ve had many years of fine dining


20 plus

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Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Sous Chef was asked...9 November 2017

Why you leave your present job

3 Answers

Looking for a new oppourtunity wuth a better profit

I was in New Zealand. I left from my previous workplace because my visa ended. That’s the reason I applied this job. Less

i was in bali indonesia.i left from my previous work place because my visa ended.that is the reason i applied this job. Less

The Rittenhouse

Why banquets? (As I was originally a restaurant cook my whole career.)

3 Answers

The planning behind banquets fits my logical side and I really appreciate the revenue it brings in to a company. Less

Because the answer for the creativity beyond the status of a title Mallards just to accommodate the gas Ingenuity of the imagination of the person that has the inside to be Innovative and creative. Less

Make it original making a staple making passionate.

Compass Food Sales
Sous Chef was asked...14 December 2017

How long I worked in the industry

3 Answers

11 years

As much as i can .

5 year

When can you start?

3 Answers


after one month notice period

I am ready

Sous Chef was asked...29 December 2015

Can you work seventy hours a week.

3 Answers

no problem

Yes I can

Yes I can


2 Answers

10 years

11 years


she ask me What is Fmc?

2 Answers

Fixed mobile congerces

Sorry ,i dont know

Sous Chef was asked...1 November 2015

Are you willing to work weekends?

2 Answers



Top of the Hub

How do you manage a team of 20 people in a very busy environment. What type of management skills do you find to be the most effective

2 Answers

By being firm but fair and leading rather than ordering and treating employees with the respect they deserve. It is most effective to be close with your team so they have someone they can trust and rally behind Less

Being organized, properly staffed, maintaining focus and most of all working closely with your crew Less

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