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Assistant Store Manager was asked...3 October 2019

What are you career aspirations?

11 Answers

Grow a career with the company, improve my skills, become a retail operations supervisor then represent the company expansion in other countries. Less

I love to work talking with people alone and with team

I was running a jolery store as manager

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My past experience, why do I want to work for aldi. The usual stuff

8 Answers

Was the math test done verbally or was it a written test?

it was written. they leave you to it

I like to work for aldi because I know shelfing and costumer service and they are paying very well. Less

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It's Christmas time and an employees drawer keeps coming up short repetitively what do you do?

8 Answers

You tell the manager.

retrain and discipline if continues.

If there has been proper audits done throughout shift and employee has been warned on paper then termination of employment is the next step. Less

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What impression would someone have of you in the first 5 minutes of speaking with them?

8 Answers

Knowledgeable and very helpful

Great guy

Very positive

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Toys "R" Us

What are your weaknesses?

7 Answers

I tend to say yes too much and I get overly committed. For example I feel as If I cannot say no when I comes to helping out another coworker and covering shifts. This gave me extra time to work on any skills I was lacking. This weakness actually helped me build the skills I have today. Less

Ball pits

I have said in past interviews that some people may consider me quiet, but that I am an excellent listener and great with communicating on a business level Less

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Do you shop at Aldi?

7 Answers


Yes I think the food is great quality


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Five Below

Why do I want to work for the company?

6 Answers

I love your store I shop at five below for my grandsons a lot

Because I know in my heart I'll be a great team player and a great candidate for my company. Less

Because I have 13 years hands on nd I know I can get the job done. And that I'll be the best team member you've had. Less

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Tell me about yourself?

6 Answers

My self G.prasanth I am from Kurnool district dhone mandal I completed postgraduate MBA 2019 in KVSRIT kurnool. my family background my father is former my mother house strength is I am self-motivated person and hard work person.thank you sir Less

I am a student of commerce and I can work in adhar Moll in that Moll 0.6 year experience Less

My name is satendra singh and qalefiction fainal +DOAP computer diploma+ CCC Less

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J. Crew

Tell me about a time when you took a potentially bad customer experience and made it a good one.

6 Answers

when i work in Store manager as a assistance

On a very busy sale day a young strong gentleman arrived at the counter furious at me and the company! He claimed he bought the sweater three separate times, each time having the collar unravel.I offered him a soda and a snack. After helping the customers in line, I brought over a few different sweaters to have the look at and he decided on one with sweaters and I charged him half off. He was so happy he became one of the best customers in the store! I immediately called the Manager and told her about the man. I was commended in the next store meeting, II learned a big lesson that day . The adage “ You win more flys with honey than with vinegar! Less

When I was teaching at an online academy, I got an inexperienced teacher. I explained it in 5 days and he understood it correctly. Less

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Pilot Flying J

Will you clean shave if you get hired?

6 Answers

Brutally honest advice man- I've been in management for Restaurants for over 6 years and it is required for men to be clean shaven or very well trimmed. Hair is one of top 10 complaints in food industry. Either for the "look" of it on someone who was serving a cistomer, or that the hair was in their food. On a daily basis we humans she'd hair all day long just like an animal. My advice for your employment searches based off your religion is to avoid the food industry. It's nothing racial, just reality :-) Good luck to you! Less

mike check, one two three

It's actually sexist and discriminates against men, the reason is very clear. First the man with a beard is no different than the hair on top of his head. It's just on the opposite side of his head. That's almost as bad as telling a man he has to have hair when he is normally bald. Keep in mind I don't have a beard and couldn't grow one even if I tried. So here is the real kicker. They would never tell a woman to cut her hair short like a man to be a manager. What if they told a longer haired man to cut his hair but not a woman? Lastly, managers do not serve food on a normal basis, yes once in a while but only under dire emergencies because of waiters not showing up. I was an engineer a while back and was offered a good job if I would cut my hair, I simply replied, if I was a woman would you ask her too? They replied "of course not" and I replied that's sex discrimination. I walked away from that one and was so glad I did. Made better money at another business with long hair. Some people are so stuck in their beliefs and can never accept change. BTW, no I do not have long hair now and through out the years I have cleared the 6 figure income three times. PS, where food serving/preparation is involved most cover their head and beard if they have one with a net including women. Less

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