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  • 🎧Check out and listen to the latest Data Engineering Podcast. We talk to Tobias Macey about data collection and management for teaching machines to hear.

  • With backing from the tinyML Foundation, Audio Analytic and ARM will initially head the organising committee of the new UK tinyMLMeetup group. Read more about it and join here

  • Join us on June 9th when our VP Technology, Dominic Binks, will give a talk titled ‘tinyML doesn’t need Big Data, it needs Great Data’ during the latest tinyML Talks webcast series, which is organised by the tinyML Foundation. The virtual, one hour event is free to attend, starts at 8am PDT/3pm UTC/4pm GMT and features two speakers.

  • For our machine learning researchers, building tech that can understand context is a really exciting area of development and for us is a key part of what we call Second Generation Sound Recognition. Read more here.

  • Alongside other world experts we will be presenting our technical paper “A Framework for the Robust Evaluation of Sound Event Detection.” The video presentation is also be available on-demand on the ICASSP site.


    Inside Audio Analytic's silent labs, work goes on

    The Sabine lab was only installed at the end of last year, but Audio Analytic's fully anechoic chamber, which absorbs reflections of sound and prevents external waves entering the room, is up and running - and can be controlled remotely.

  • The organisers of the 2020 DCASE Challenge have included our Polyphonic Sound Detection Score (PSDS) as one of the two evaluation metrics for ‘Task 4: Sound event detection and separation in domestic environments’. PSDS is the subject of a research paper, which was accepted for publication at the International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2020) this year. Read more here:

    PSDS adopted by DCASE for Task 4 challenge - Audio Analytic

    March 24, 2020 The organisers of the 2020 DCASE Challenge have included our Polyphonic Sound Detection Score (PSDS) as one of the two evaluation metrics for ' Task 4: Sound event detection and separation in domestic environments'.

  • EE Times came to talk to us about sound recognition:

    EETimes - AI Sound Recognition on a Cortex-M0: Data is King -

    CAMBRIDGE, UK - As I tentatively squeeze the trigger, the gun fires, but the sound is not quite what I expect... I'm standing in a semi-anechoic chamber in the audio lab of AI sound recognition company Audio Analytic, and far from the classic gunshot noise, the sound is more akin to a loud pop.


    tinyML Summit 2020: Engineering tinyML models in sound recognition - Audio Analytic

    March 6, 2020 Earlier this year at the tinyML Summit in San Francisco I took part in the poster session, which you can now get your hands on here. "Engineering tinyML models in sound recognition.


    Five predictions for the future of sound recognition and voice assistants in 2020 - Audio Analytic

    March 5, 2020 Our mission at Audio Analytic is to give machines a sense of hearing. I explained this to a friend and they asked me if our mission had been inspired by the Terminator franchise and whether this sense of hearing would help machines take over the world in the near future, with the sole mission to completely annihilate humanity.

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