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Orange Spirit! Why easyJet is a Best Place to Work in 2020


easyJet is the highest climber on the UK’s Best Places to Work in 2020, ranking at #16 – up from #42 in 2019! Moving a staggering 26 places. We took the opportunity to sit down with easyJet’s CEO, Johan Lundgren (who is coincidentally also a Top CEO in 2019), and find out what really makes the airline a Best Place to Work.

Why easyJet is a Best Place To Work…

Our people are at the heart of everything we do at easyJet and so I want to ensure we have an inclusive and energising environment where everyone feels they can do their best and be themselves at work. I think we have the best people working for easyJet and I’m really proud to lead the airline.

Innovation is in easyJet’s DNA

We are a first mover, whether that be in making aviation more sustainable through our carbon offsetting commitment and support of future technologies, or leading the way in encouraging more women to become pilots – that’s something I think is really exciting to be a part of.  

Our DNA  means we attract great people who share the same energy for our industry and our customers and who are excited for what is possible. As a business we are always evolving, meaning there are always new opportunities to grow and develop – whether that be through new base openings or initiatives such as the recent launch of easyJet Holidays. We have also invested a huge amount of resources to use data as a key enabler to improve the customer experience and transform how we work.

Orange Spirit

Our candidates often ask about not just their development opportunities but about the community and environment they will be working in. We know that growth opportunities and culture are now equally as important in decision making about where to work. At easyJet we are striving to create accessibility to the travel industry across Europe, no matter your background, preferences or experience. We are focussed on creating an environment where everyone can learn, grow and feel they can be themselves at work. We call that our “Orange Spirit”.

Authentic Feedback

We measure engagement and how our people feel at work. Glassdoor is a very valuable tool for us to gain insight into what our people think. We know authentic feedback is crucial to support our employee brand as well as evolving our ways of working.

Investing in Diversity, Inclusion and Work-Life Balance

We believe that encouraging an environment where people not only care about diversity and inclusion, but also see its value, is critical to our success. We have a clear strategy and clear plan for this success. Creating an environment with an honest and constructive dialogue is a core principle for all. 

As part of this, in 2019 we appointed a Head of Diversity and Inclusion and are also partnering with best-in-class organisations, such as Women in Hospitality, to learn from experts in different fields. 

In addition, to help our people to do and be their best, in our Head Office this year we launched our Smart Working approach providing flexibility in where and when people work – to support work-life balance. There is much more to come in the future.

How to Get a Job at easyJet

We use Glassdoor to advertise our jobs it allows us to be open and transparent with both active and potential candidates. Even if we don’t have roles for candidates right now, job seekers can get an understanding of what easyJet is like as an employer on our profile.

Depending on the role, the interview process at easyJet is typically very informal. We want to get to know the person, as well as the candidate, so as well as knowledge-based questions that will show us a person’s expertise, we will ask questions that allow us to see that they are motivated to do well. We also want to see people who want to make a difference – and when people join easyJet we endeavour to instil in everyone that what they do matters, and ensure that everyone gets the support and tools they need to make that happen. 

Attitude is key – we want to see all of our people engaging and inspiring their teams and colleagues to be successful. We don’t want people to fit a mould; we want them to be themselves and bring experience from a broad range of backgrounds and perspectives to benefit our customers. This is why we look for cultural add, not a just cultural fit of specific qualities. We want to reflect the diversity of the customers we fly and the communities in which we operate – we think this makes good business sense as well as being the right thing to do.

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