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The UK’s Top 15 Jobs With The Highest Satisfaction

Posted by Jill Cotton

Career Trends Expert

Last Updated 14 Feb 2022
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Corporate Recruiters have the most satisfying jobs in the UK, closely followed by HR Managers and Full Stack Engineers, according to analysis carried out by Glassdoor’s Economic Research team.

Industry-wise,those working in education, tech and accounting & legal are the happiest, whereas employees from the fields of transportation & logistics, hospitality and health care report the lowest satisfaction levels.

So what makes a job a satisfying one? Employee reviews on Glassdoor reveal it’s a mix of a good work-life balance, great company culture, clear senior leadership and opportunities for learning and development. Pay and compensation has the least impact on employee satisfaction.

Top 15 Jobs With The Highest Job Satisfaction

Employees who are more satisfied with their roles - who feel like their job is more rewarding, see an upward career path and have great managers - drive better financial performance for companies. But which jobs are currently ticking all these boxes?

Table 1: 15 Highest-Rated Best Job Titles for Job Satisfaction in the UK

Ranking Job Title Job Satisfaction Score (out of 5) Median Base Salary OPEN JOBS
1 Corporate Recruiter 4.59 £46,215 Find Corporate Recruiter Jobs
2 HR Manager 4.39 £48,443 Find HR Manager Jobs
3 Full Stack Engineer 4.32 £47,320 Find Full Stack Engineer Jobs
4 HR Business Partner 4.30 £50,000 Find HR Business Partner Jobs
5 UX Designer 4.26 £46,382 Find UX Designer Jobs
6 Front End Engineer 4.23 £43,803 Find Front End Engineer Jobs
7 Data Scientist 4.20 £49,449 Find Data Scientist Jobs
8 Customer Success Manager 4.18 £41,133 Find CustomerSuccess Jobs
9 Marketing Manager 4.17 £47,320 Find Marketing Manager Jobs
10 Mobile Engineer 4.13 £51,443 Find Mobile Engineer Jobs
11 Java Developer 4.09 £55,381 Find Java Developer Jobs
12 Product Manager 4.07 £60,656 Find Product Manager Jobs
13 Enterprise Architect 4.06 £73,898 Find Enterprise Architect Jobs
14 Data Engineer 4.04 £50,198 Find Data Engineer Jobs
15 Sales Manager 4.02 £47,320 Find Sales Manager Jobs
*Job titles were selected from the Best Jobs in the UK for 2022 list. Median salary calculated between 12/12/202 - 12/12/2021.

The Industries Making It  Work

Engaged and satisfied workforces are more productive. Outside of job titles, our research also revealed the industries in which employees reported the highest, and lowest, amount of satisfaction.

Table 2: Highest-Rated Industries for Job Satisfaction in the UK

Ranking Industry Job Satisfaction rating
1 Education 4.01
2 Tech 3.94
3 Accounting & Legal 3.82
4 Insurance 3.82
5 Finance 3.80
6 Construction 3.79
7 Government 3.77
8 Business Services 3.76
9 Telecommunications 3.75
10 Media 3.75

Table 3: Lowest-Rated Industries for Job Satisfaction in the UK

Ranking Industry Job Satisfaction Rating
1 Transportation & Logistics 3.44
2 Restaurants, Bars & Food Services 3.57
3 Health Care 3.60
4 Retail 3.61
5 Arts, Entertainment & Recreation 3.61

Tips To Find A Job You Love

If you feel like your job isn’t quite the right fit, here’s some tips to finding a role that could be more fulfilling:

  • Be selective: If you are unhappy in your current role make sure you understand what isn’t working for you. This can help focus on which job  you next apply for.
  • Discover what you love: Ask yourself what your biggest motivators are when it comes to work, what are you passionate about and take Glassdoor’s quiz to find the job that best suits your life.
  • Network, network, network: Once you know the field you want to work in, reach out to companies you would love to work for and connect with people who might be able to help you with your next opportunity.
  • Schedule time for effective job searching: If you are already working, it can be difficult to find the time to look for a new role. Dedicate a certain amount of your week to your job search and make sure you are only applying for roles that really appeal. 
  • Get the inside scoop: Check out what employees already doing the role of your dreams are saying and find out more about the companies on your wishlist.
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