Top 5 Best Councils To Work For



Working in local government includes a huge variety of jobs and allows you to help your community. It is also often said that job stability is a major perk, and that flexible working hours are common. If you are interested in making a direct impact on your local area, working for the benefit of your community and are attracted by the perks and benefits that local government has to offer, then check out our list of the Highest Rated Councils, according to those that know best – current and former employees:

  1. Wiltshire Council

Rating: 4.2

Roles Hiring For: Family Learning Tutor, Ticketing Manager, Youth Offending Team Officer and Swimming Coach

What Employees Say:Great support, great team, great training opportunities and friendly environment to work in. I feel really lucky to have secured employment within Wiltshire Council.” – Current Employee

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  1. London Borough of Camden

Rating: 4.1

Roles Hiring For: Management Accountant, Caretaker, Social Worker and Health Improvement Officer

What Employees Say:Colleagues at work are my critical friends; they are very knowledgeable and know the key trends in the market/sector; they challenge me, keep me on my toes and make me work harder to deliver better results. I am able to access a lot of different training, most recently I was trained to become a mediator, something I was interested in and that I thought would make me a better manager.” – Current Employee

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  1. Leeds City Council

Rating: 3.8

Roles Hiring For: PE Teacher, Behaviour Support Worker, Fostering Review Officer and Assistant Headteacher

What Employees Say:Large organisation, lots of departments, good pension scheme and holidays, strong positive relationship with unions, has some great managers and colleagues.” – Former Employee

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  1. Hertfordshire County Council

Rating: 3.6

Roles Hiring For: Library Assistant, Senior Youth Worker, Senior Accountant and Welfare Benefits Interviewer

What Employees Say:Very interesting, diverse, constantly changing workload. Sounds cheesy but no two weeks are the same, job requires so many different facets/skills/tasks you’ll always be on your toes. Management is great and very supportive, they’ve done the job before so they get it and provide candid advice and guidance when you need it.” – Current Employee

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  1. Fife Council

Rating: 3.5

Roles Hiring For: Teacher, Catering Assistant, Social Worker and Environmental Health Officer

What Employees Say:To work here gives me a sense of value and worth as I feel an important part of a team dedicated to the success and well being of each other and the wider community ….love it.” – Current Employee

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The ratings used for this ranking are based on reviews from current and former employees posted from 31/1/15 to 1/2/17. Eligible employers must have had 20 or more reviews within that timeframe.