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Job Openings Falling at Lowest Rate Since COVID-19 Outbreak, According to Glassdoor UK Job Market Report

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Every two weeks, we’ll be looking at how the jobs market in the UK has moved as a result of COVID-19 – and beyond. The latest data* from Glassdoor for the week ending 27th April 2020 shows that, while overall numbers of job openings in the UK are still falling, the rate of change is decelerating.

UK job openings near a 50 percent drop since start of COVID-19 outbreak, but slowing in the jobs market is decelerating

At the end of April, job openings had fallen 44 percent since the start of March. However the week-on-week change has reduced significantly in recent weeks, indicating that we’re now past the peak of contraction.

UK 04.30 TrendWhite collar jobs seeing the biggest fall

As we approach the seven week mark of lockdown, the major impacts seen at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak for jobs in industries such as restaurants, bars, travel and tourism have slowed. Now, data points to white collar sectors such as media & publishing, market & advertising and accounting feeling the pinch and stepping back further from recruiting in recent weeks.UK 04.30 IndustryWhat Does This Mean?

The big drops in job openings witnessed from when the UK first went into lockdown have seemingly passed. We’re now seeing much smaller week-on-week drops. With lockdown easing measures due to be announced shortly, Glassdoor data shows some reasons for optimism. While the UK labour market is not out of the woods yet, it may be close to turning the corner.

What Should Job Seekers Do?

As the economy rebounds, more companies will begin looking to fill roles that may have been paused and might also introduce new job openings that are geared towards a new-normal. Job seekers should therefore keep an eye on job openings and be ready to apply quickly, as competition will no doubt be fierce when the jobs market picks up.

Where To Find a Job, Now

To help job seekers quickly identify which companies are hiring, right now, Glassdoor has introduced a dedicated Hiring Surge page outlining companies with increased hiring needs.

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