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4 Workplace Trends in 2022 according to Glassdoor

Posted by Jill Cotton

Career Trends Expert

Last Updated December 8, 2021

If 2020 was seen as a year of crisis for the world of work, 2021 became a time of adaptation and change. But what does the year ahead have in store for employees and employers?

The Glassdoor economic research team reveal their hot predictions for the year ahead.

Here are the top four workplace trends for 2022 as identified by the experts at Glassdoor:

  • With tough hiring conditions set to continue, workers in the UK will have increased power to negotiate.
  • Remote work will boost access to top talent and drive up salaries
  • Companies’ commitments on diversity, equity and inclusion will be given an increased focus
  • Employees will look for a career and a community, not just a job

Read on to find out more about each trend or read the full report from the economic research team.

#1 Trend: Hiring Will Remain Tough in 2022

With low levels of unemployment and record numbers of workers quitting in ‘The Great Resignation’ hiring became tough at the end of 2021. And this isn’t set to change in 2022.

With an ageing population, lower immigration rates, a quicker-than-expected recovery in customer demand and the pandemic allowing workers to re-evaluate their priorities, companies will need to continue to work hard to attract and retain talent.

Companies will need to get creative with their hiring and consider overlooked workers including remote workers, recent retirees, less-abled workers or those with a criminal history.

#2 Trend: Remote Work Will Broaden the Labour Skills Pool and Drive Up Wages

The pandemic has forced a change in views on where we physically need to work. With more employees than ever working from home and an increasing number of companies offering work from anywhere policies, remote working is no longer the secret hiring weapon of employers who can afford to offer it.

And we’re also seeing local employers compete against major companies who are swooping in to pick up remote talent. Glassdoor data found that the share of employers hiring locally and competing against remote jobs is up eightfold since 2019. With more employees now expecting flexible working conditions, employers need to provide more attractive offers and for many, this means boosting salaries.

#3 Trend: Employers Will Prioritise Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Action and Accountability

With 72 percent of UK job seekers and employers considering a diverse workforce to be an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers, companies will step up when it comes to their actions around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Employees will expect to see progress from the promises that were made in 2020 in the wake of Black Lives Matter and other movements. 2022 will be the inflection point for companies. The goodwill gained by goal-setting and pledges through the last two years will wear thin if not followed through with real action. 

#4 Trend: Workplace Community Will Expand Beyond Company Walls

In 2022 employees will be looking for a career and a community, not just a job. With fewer employees working full-time in the office, companies are having to re-think the benefits they offer - office table tennis and fruit boxes will make way for wellbeing days and mental health support.

And with the culture and values of a company being the number one driver of employee satisfaction, employers will also need to look again at how they cultivate company culture in their workplace.


Looking forward to the year ahead Glassdoor economist Lauren Thomas says “2022 is looking to continue to be a job seeker’s market and the tight labour conditions will empower employees to demand more of their employers. The outlook for the economy is still uncertain but it is clear that companies need to focus on employee experience and engagement to attract and retain talent.”