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Seagull HVAC Industry
Acoustic Engineer was asked...6 December 2015

How do you feel here?Quite better than our environment in Pakistan.You will adjust here quickly,it's going to be a good experience here

1 Answers

I felt good when I first reached here.Take duct measurements ,make appropriate data entry in computer,check and balance silencer design,suggest changes which you feel nesessary Less

Bang & Olufsen

Can you stay in Denmark after the internship?

1 Answers

Yes of course!

Naval Nuclear Laboratory

Asked about my background and experience

1 Answers

Told them about different projects I worked on.


What is the difference between Sound Pressure Level and Sound Power Level. Answer With your own words, or in a way that anybody could understand.

1 Answers

Look at a basic book of fundamental of Acoustics.


What is a double pointer in C++? If a 18kHz signal is sampled at 32kHz what will happen, what frequency will the signal appear as?

1 Answers

A double pointer is a pointer to another pointer. The signal would alias to 14 kHz. This can be avoided with an analog anti-aliasing filter before the sampling occurs. Less


What is the biggest accomplishment you made in your engineering program?

1 Answers

Talked about a project with other students for a design expo, and how I was able to learn and accomplish something I had never done before. Less

Bang & Olufsen

In which field do you want to work in the future?

1 Answers

I don't know exactly because I am curious and I am interested in many subject, but for sure I want to work in audio. Less


(1) Fan noise (2) Valve noise in the piple


What are some of your prior experiences in audio?

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