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Why is there a gap in your employment?

2 Answers

3 months (first time I have ever been unemployed after 32 years of work). (?????) I have worked longer than the girl interviewing me has lived. Quite a belittling question.

Perhaps there would be no gaps in employment if people could easily walk into a job, however things are not that straight forward these days. It seems to takes ages for companies to get back to people after long lengthy interview processes. The whole system is a complete joke

Do you know how to *Insert Excel Function here*?

1 Answer

competancy based

1 Answer

Why do I want to work in admin for specsavers

1 Answer

What to you know about us?

1 Answer

Give an example of one big decision you have made and how did you solve it.

1 Answer

Why Asos?

1 Answer

Which are they key brands for Asos?

1 Answer
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