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What magic power would you like to have

37 Answers


Manipulate probability

Control time

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what is ur experience

16 Answers

We consider numbers from 1 to 1 million. How many digits 2 are there??

10 Answers

What separates you from other candidates?

6 Answers

If you extend the faces of a tetrahedron as planes infinitely in all directions, how many regions does this divide 3D space into?

6 Answers

What would you do if someone was moaning about a long queue?

6 Answers

My past experience, why do I want to work for aldi. The usual stuff

5 Answers

Pretty standard question that has been asked before... keep flipping a coin until a winning combination appears (either HHT or HTT). Which strategy would you pick given the choice and why. Find the probabilities of winning associated with each strategy.

5 Answers

What cartoon character would you be and why.

5 Answers

If I role a dice and can keep the value on the dice face up, what should my strategy be if I can have more than one role and can keep the value of all the roles but if I go 7 or above I go bust.

5 Answers
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