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We consider numbers from 1 to 1 million. How many digits 2 are there??

10 Answers

600 000


654321: The total number of digits 1-999,999 is 5888889 Total 1-9 = 9 10-99 = 2*9*10 and so on so number of 2s is 5888889/9

Pretty standard question that has been asked before... keep flipping a coin until a winning combination appears (either HHT or HTT). Which strategy would you pick given the choice and why. Find the probabilities of winning associated with each strategy.

5 Answers

If you extend the faces of a tetrahedron as planes infinitely in all directions, how many regions does this divide 3D space into?

5 Answers

A seller is selling you a car whose value is uniformly distributed between 0 and 1000 but you don’t know the real value and you need to bid for the car. If your bid price is higher than the its real value, the deal will be done at your bid price and you can afterwards resell the car elsewhere for 1.5 times its real value. Otherwise, the deal will not be done. You can only bid once. What will be your optimal bid price?

4 Answers

At the bus stop 3/4 of commuters leave the bus and 7 new come in. This process repeats 3 times. What is the minimal number of people initially in the bus.

3 Answers

if you have a 6 by 6 matrix where each element is either 1 or -1, how many unique matrices are there such that each row and each column multiplies to 1.

4 Answers

Today is 15/09/2011,what's the nearest day in the future that all the eight digits are unique?

3 Answers

Why call me for an interview when you have no plans to follow it through?

2 Answers

How would you respond if you are required to exchange an item to a customer but the item if no longer supplied?

2 Answers

All Qs were straight forward and candidates should have no problem with them.

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