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How would you store the configuration of a chess board at any point in the game?

3 Answers

numberof total pices max is = 32 max x= 7 = 3bit max y = 7 = 3bit 32*3*3 = 192.

use huffman encoding.

@anon (nov 27) where have you saved the type or colour of a chess piece in that calculation?

There are 5 holes in a line, and there is a rat in one of it. Each turn the rat will move either left or right, but never stay in the same hole, and each turn you can check one hole. The holes are in a line so when the rat reach one end, it must move back in the next turn. What is your strategy to catch that rat?

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What is your favourite piece of technology

4 Answers

what type of load simulations are we doing to test the structural integrity of a motorcycle part?

2 Answers

How to convert from high impedance to low impedance?

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what do you know about jdr

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Asked to describe a component, a car relay from a fusebox (of course I named it incorrectly but knew what it was and what it did)

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Another task I was asked to prepare for the third interview was: "Please conduct a review of from the point of view of a Chef actively looking for their next role. Present back your approach, findings and recommendations."

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Could you replace the CPU cache with an SRAM? If you can what would be an advantage and disadvantage.

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What qualities would you bring to the role...

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