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If you could have dinner with three actors no longer living, who would they be!

13 Answers

Actors eaten by Hannibal Lector!

None they were all just acting

Peter Ustinov (for the stories, well told), Katharine Hepburn (for her confidence and smarts), Judy Garland (to hug her and for her songs).

What will you be famous for?

12 Answers

You done x 10 years ago - why do you think you experience is relevant today

3 Answers

How would you keep someone in your team motivated when they want and deserve a salary increase however there is a freeze on increases?

2 Answers

What is the best time to reach you for a phone discussion?

2 Answers

do i believe i can achieve

2 Answers

I didn't find any of the questions difficult to answer

2 Answers

Detailed business plan regarding client profile, revenue generation etc.

2 Answers

"How do you deal with ambiguity?" - this is obviously an issue on the company if they ask it during an interview ...........which I don't mind at all - I can deal with it, but this much during the recruitment process meant that my perception of their competence as an organisation needs to be called into question.

2 Answers

Business plans for my area

2 Answers
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