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Why railway industry? Why Network Rail? How do you develop the professional relationship and how do you feel before during and after?

6 Answers

Show your expectation to the company and tell them how you going to make a contribution

Hey mate, please share the technical questions, if you can.. Thank you so much

Technical questions in electrical please

Why would you like to work for us?

2 Answers

Why do you want to work for Cundall?

2 Answers

Asked to describe a component, a car relay from a fusebox (of course I named it incorrectly but knew what it was and what it did)

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1- why work in the rail industry? 2- why work at network rail? 3- what skills makes you suitable? 4- tell about a professional relationships you built? How did you feel? 5- tell about a time when you had to think creatively? How did you fee?l

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Do you believe an engineer (electrical - my background) should focus on other aspects of the machines? (not asked around this lines)

1 Answer

What are the company working on just now?

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What is an easy way for multiplying a number by 2 in the binary system?

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What are your career goals or aspirations

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Group activity- outline the factors that will affect the built environment industry in the future.

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