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Graduate Process Engineer was asked...2 May 2019

Technical interview based on your design project

2 Answers

Design project as in your dissertation?

Please what sort of questions did they ask for the numerical and verbal reasoning Less

Seagate Technology

Tell me a bit about yourself? general interview questions and about technical skills that I learned? Why I wanted to work for Seagate. What could I tell them about there processes?

2 Answers

I recently did my second interview which I think was alright and its been nearly 2 weeks with no reply. Can I ask how long did take to receive an offer since the second interview? Less

my interview did not go well. I booked a room for the skype interview and was practising beforehand using a web skype practice. I finished this but still, I could then use the skype properly when the interview came up. it took 5 minutes to fix and was a terrible start. I got it to work using the web browser but still the visual didn't work until 3 minutes in. My middle 3 answers were ok because I practised online. but my final question was not any good. Less


Competency and interpersonal based questions

1 Answers

Explained why I wanted to work there and why I’d be a valuable asset

Intel Corporation

Asked about times I showed attention to detail, worked well in a group, solved a problem with data analysis

1 Answers

Related my answers to experience from university and internships


What was the most challenging project you have worked on?

1 Answers

I described my university honours project and final year plant design project in detail, explained the objectives and how our team approached the project from start to finish. Less


Nothing unexpected, you will be told in advance which competencies you will be tested on.

1 Answers

Could just let me know what type of technical questions that you have been asked about please? Less


every thing was clear and expected for me. results was unexpected. they told me I am qualified and I passed all the steps but they do not have a suitable position for me !!!!

1 Answers

Did you do another phsymectric test in the assessment centre or any written test ? Less


Do you prefer to manage a lot of employees or work mostly on processes?

1 Answers

I responded: "As of now, I am interested in improving processes since I have the basic knowledge and skills; but I don't believe I have the capacity to manage a large group of people yet." Less

Sonoco Products

There is a linear production line with 10 machines on the line, you are asked to improve it, what are your thought processes and how would you go about doing it?

1 Answers

I would explore how the machines integrate with each other, could they be optimised? Investigate each machine and monitor them individually to see how they can be improved. Talk to operators to discuss how they think it can be optimised to reduce waste. Less


What resources do you use to keep up to date with developments in the industry?

1 Answers

The Chemical Engineer magazine, LinkedIn etc.

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