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Human Resources Advisor Interview Questions


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All HR aspects. You must know current legislation pay, redundancy process etc

1 Answer

I knew all current legislation

What my work consists of on a daily basis

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Various competency based questions in line with the role requirements

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Can you give N example of when something you did did not go according to plan.

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Have you worked with KPI's before

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What is indirect discrimination and provide us with an example?

Some competency based questions requiring specific examples around communication, HR issues and team working e.g. tell us about a time where you have dealt with an HR issue that required you to adjust your communication style

They gave me a scenario and asked me to reply how I would act on that occasion. The scenario was: What would you do if an employee come to tell you that he is being bullied?"

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What attracted me to the role and what my aspirations were

For me to tell them about my previous experience

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