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Dunster House
Human Resources Advisor was asked...12 April 2017

What my work consists of on a daily basis

2 Answers

Talked them through the variety of the HR role

We didn't interview anybody for any HR roles in January as we were fully staffed

Westpac Group

Where do you see yourself in 12 months if you get the position?

1 Answers


What do you know about Financial Markets? Please explain what is an ETF (exchange traded Fund)? What could you bring better then the rest of the applicants? Why do you want to work for Banco BEST? Can you work with a lot of pressure? Do you trade?

1 Answers

I've had formation on my university related to Financial Markets, beside that is self-taught techniques and a lot of reading books and newspapers and Bloomberg. Exchange traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund. Unlike mutual funds, an ETF trades like a common stock on a stock exchange. I've a very diversified professional background so i learn fast and i am very dynamic, in this days you need to bring your best the fastest way, so from me you can count with 120% dedication. Banco BEST is the only investiment bank that has more to offer and it gives you a great asset management companies network. I love to work with pressure, it makes you have adrenaline and makes push yourself for better goals. And I don't trade, because i specially love to analyze all investments behind. Less

Westpac Group

tell me about yourself

1 Answers

what do you know about westpac

Recruise India

All about HR recruitment questions, on different technologies

1 Answers

Nothing at this point

Bon Secours

How good are you with technology?

1 Answers

Very good

Laithwaites Wine

Do you want to work for a family company

1 Answers


How would you manage your workload successfully when you have many competing priorities.

1 Answers

Utilising electronic systems, delegating work to colleagues, working longer hours when needed to achieve deadlines Less


Do you have anyone to look after your children during and after during hours?

1 Answers

I felt like the job was not mine the minute I was asked this question. I responded by pretending that I have lots of childcare options in a bid to pass the interview at the time. I intended to source childcare provision but thought it was rather inappropriate to ask this. Less

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