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They asked me to talk about myself

1 Answer

I took the opportunity to talk about my experience and myself as a person. It was great not to be interviewed with a rigid set of questions and instead have people take an interest in who I am and let me talk about what I have to offer, rather than slotting into set questions with a set response.

What's your biggest weakness?

1 Answer

What was the first week like at your previous job?

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What are Saint-Gobain's values?

1 Answer

What are you core values are and how do you influence people.

1 Answer

Give me an example of a time where something went wrong and how you dealt with it.

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They asked about my payroll experience.

1 Answer

Area which you can approve upon/What is your weakness question?

1 Answer

What do you know about the company and our values?

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Scénario questions e.g “ give example of a time where your idea was implemented and had an positive impact on the company” etc

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