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I have two cards that can only be red or black. I tell you that at least one of two is red. What's the probability that I hold two reds?

6 Answers

You can't answer since the a priori probabilities haven't been given. If red and black are equally likely, then 1/3 is correct.

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Why do you want to work for Samuel and Co Trading?

3 Answers

One bag contains 13 white and 15 black marbles. Outside we have 28 black marbles. Every time I pick two marbles from the bag and place back one, whose color depends on the combination of the marbles I put out. Combos : OUT: 1 black-1 white IN : 1 white OUT: 2 blacks IN : 1 black OUT: 2 whites IN : 1 black What is always the color of the last marble remaining?

2 Answers

What is your biggest weakness?

2 Answers

The classic problem with the 3litre and 5litre water jugs. How to measure 4 litres if you only have a 3lt and a 5lt water jug and unlimited water supply?

2 Answers

What's the letter after a, e, j, q ?

1 Answer

What first attracted you to trading?

1 Answer

Why did you choose Samuel and Co over other trading companies

1 Answer

what do you know about samuel and co?

1 Answer

The classic airline seat brain teaser.

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