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how to configure a noc

1 Answer

asked for more detail

sdh/dwdm principles

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What command would you enter on a Cisco router to see when it was last reboot

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Explain on a phone to a customer how to ride a bicycle

what cisco command would quickly display the up/down status of each interface

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What is needed for a site to site VPN to work, the guy interviewing me didn't know the answer himself so i was stopped 25% of the way through my answer. In the face to face i was asked to setup a site to site VPN between a router and a ASA, i didn't even come close to getting it working but was employeed anyway. TIP: They are too cheap to use new switches in their lab so they use the old vlan database rubbish switches.

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Have you ever been a team player in your current position ? Please give examples

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Networking experience. Talk them through various types of faults and configuration principles. What's processes are used. Why?

Mainly VPN Based questions site to site ASA Phase 1 (IKEv1), and Phase 2 (IPsec).

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