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Reverse Logistics Manager was asked...18 December 2009

Focused primarily on my background...

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More a conversation, rather than needs based interview


In the interest of full discolure, I'd like to let you know someone in this office is also going to be a candidate.

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It's not a question, but an extremely odd thing to say?? The interview was completed with 3 employees sitting in chairs doing work while we talked. I didn't know if they took notes for their own future interview or what?? Less


Tell me you impressions of working in Korea?

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I told him that my experience in working in reverse logistics in Korea was that particularly for radio-related devices the Korean government was very strict on compliance with their equivalent of FCC regulations. Also they took a very strict interpretation of World Trade Organization valuation rules and regulations regarding spare parts, so one needed to be very clear on import valuation methodology. Less


The usual stiff HR questions that start off "tell us of a time when..."

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Made it up


This job is not so interesting. Why would you want to do it? What are your career opportunities, where do you see yourself in two years time? Tell us about your work experience. What do you think, in which parts does your work experience resemble this job and in which is it different from the previous ones? Describe a difficult situation with a customer. Describe a positive situation with a customer.

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Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Whirlpool Corporation

What are your expectations about the job?


why did I want to work for Target?


Please describe your style of management.

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Q: Tell us about a time you were pivotal in solving a customer service issue?

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