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Senior Front End Developer Interview Questions


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They asked me to re-architect my answer to the JavaScript code I had submitted for the online questionnaire. The code requested in the online test was required to give a very flexible approach to rendering charts. It had already taken me more than 5 hours to do this from scratch, so I found it impossible to do this a second time in a different way. As I mention above they wanted a very specific answer to this, which is roughly what Java did when they built the AWT and Swing.

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Take a look at graphics rendering software including the AWT in Java to see what they want here.

In the casual interview, the recruiter asked about general work experience, expectation. In the technical interview, I was asked 2 questions, one regarding data structure, and another regarding DOM.

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Technical phone interview - I was asked management related questions

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Initial call - I was asked about my past and present work history, education and my status.

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Technical Interview screening - I was asked questions on HTML CSS and Javascript.

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Tell me all the languages you know

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Demo of current and past project worked on, Brief in-depth of implementation process on project worked on, Skill set overview and knowledge

Size of teams managed and typical management duties

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