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Implement a simple store class with set(Node, value), get(Node) and has(Node) methods, which store a given Nodes with corresponding values.

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Are you able to elaborate on this question? Can each node have multiple values or just 1? The way I interpret what you have written, it just sounds like they are asking for an ES6 Map? ES6 Maps can have objects as keys, so you can use the Node as the key. If you had to code it from scratch without the use of an ES6 Map, something like: class CachedNode { constructor(node, value) { this._node = node; this._value = value; } getNode() { return this._node; } getValue() { return this._value; } setValue(value) { this._value = value; return this; } } class SimpleStore { constructor() { this._container = []; } set(node, value) { let cachedNode; if (this.has(node)) { cachedNode = this.get(node); cachedNode.setValue(value); } else { cachedNode = new CachedNode(node, value); this._container.push(cachedNode); } return this; } // you might want to change this method so it returns the Node's value not the CachedNode. // If you did, that would mean adding another method to get the CachedNode. Easy enough. get(node) { return this._container.find((cachedNode) => { return cachedNode.getNode() === node; }); } has(node) { return !!this.get(node); } } If it needed to store multiple values against a node, then just change the single value for a Set or Array.

The tricky part of the question was on how to store a DOM Node which is an object as an old javascript object key. I can't recall was it about 1 to 1 relationship or 1 to many, but it is really doesn't matter because the later gives just a small overhead. I suppose your solution is pretty what they were expected from the task, starting from explaining ES6 Map and ending up with an old javascript solution.

``` let Store = Map; ``` The problem listed the exact behavior and method signature of the Map class. Must be some trick question.

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You have a bag containing an unlimited amount of tennis balls and five boxes which you are trying to throw then into. For every throw you are guaranteed to get a ball in one box. What is the minimum probability of getting 11 balls in any one box.

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Serialize and deserialize a binary tree.

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Do I build with code outside of work, and if so can you tell us about any projects?

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Write a function that satisfies the following: add(1)(2).value() = 3; add(1, 2)(3).value() = 6; add(1)(2)(3).value() = 6; add(1)(2) + 3 = 6;

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Can you describe progressive enhancement

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I was asked about 3 questions in total..

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Technical assessment

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What frameworks have you worked with?

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Fibonacci Sequence in 15 minutes

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