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3 rounds: coding question about trees, high-level design question, and some learning question

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What was the decomp question? Like implement a recipe app?

Prefer to work front-end or back-end

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Print the top 10 largest elements from integer array. Follow up to top K

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Algorithm and data structures based questions

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1. Kth largest number in an array. They do a lot of follow up. I gave him the perfect solution with min heap. Then he said if the K was large how to optimize space, I gave him solution with quickselect. Make sure to know time and space complexity well. 2. Valid binary search tree check. I have given him the solution with two range checking and recurrence. He told me to optimize with only one value.

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Given a large string (a book) and a list of words (unique words), print all occurences where all the words appear consecutively in the string. (the order does not matter, but need to be all from the list and having no other words between them). Example: INPUT: string: "This is a test is. other a" list: ["is", "a", "test"] OUTPUT: 1,2

Leetcode medium System design q-n to design a system to monitor Bloomberg's large system

Implementation of an iterator based on a binary search tree.

Efficiently search in a special matrix. Had some property that a lot of the values were 0

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