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They gave me few written programmes and asked me to explain the programme flow

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They drew a circuit on the board and asked me to write a verilog programme on that.

Walk through the CV and deep dive the previous project technical details. Many general questions related to verification methodology.

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1. They asked me to explain a flip flop function with wave forms and an rtl programme in Verilog. 2. I was given a sequence of input waveform and was asked to design a state diagram and also to write an rtl code in Verilog 3. Functionalities of the Universal gates, clocking domains, STA, few analogue questions 4. To explain the previously done projects of my academic qualification in detail

Various Verilog detailed questions. I had about 3 months experience of Verilog some 8 years ago. I can't remember the details of the questions.

It was strange interview I ever had. It was a telephonic interview and he asked me to explain system verilog code for small program, he was writing program as I was explaining him and he expect program to compile and run. Its all telephonic. which is strange. I did not like it and also not selected for next round

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