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There are 5 holes in a line, and there is a rat in one of it. Each turn the rat will move either left or right, but never stay in the same hole, and each turn you can check one hole. The holes are in a line so when the rat reach one end, it must move back in the next turn. What is your strategy to catch that rat?

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start with middle move to 2nd and check twice and move to 3rd and then 4th and check 4th twice.. right? OR you start anywhere just move sequentially and check 2nd and 4th place twice

middle to 2nd not needed

Keep checking middle one, worst case delay is 4 check, and you should find it by then!!

Basic to advanced digital questions. Started with Flip flop - latches, memory, pipeline, FSM, writing a c program, timing analysis.

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How to use stack and heap in C programming language?

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Informal - Projects, About yourself, A few technical questions.

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How does the computer start?

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Describe your most recent project that you have done

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Present a design for a satellite EPS

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At first they asked implementing some sort of function with hardware. After that do it with less hardware. After that design on board a state machine recognising some specific series of 0s and 1s. Finally implementing multiplication of 8 bit numbers with 4 bit multipliers + whatever I needed. Also they asked about read after write problems to processors and things on computer architecture. Also they asked me things on my Thesis.

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What is a flip-flop

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Q: How to check if an 80-character long string is parenthesis balanced?

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