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  • welcome to the bench our new vegan suika tuna. yep you read that right. vegan tuna. now, that’s next wave. but catch it while you can. available exclusively for #veganuary only 'suika’ means watermelon in japanese, our dehydrated watermelon steak is dressed + seared in the wok. served with miso sesame wok-fried kale, tenderstem broccoli, avocado edamame + tofu guacamole and pickled radish on sticky white rice topped with crispy fried shallots, sesame seeds, fresh chilli + lime.

  • what an opening week it's been for our first mamago site in fenchurch street! thank you to everyone who came along! our executive chef steve mangleshot said: “we’ve borrowed a few things from wagamama including the phenomenon that is katsu curry – so you’ll see some katsu dishes done in a mamago way including a katsu chicken wrap, a vegan cauliflower katsu rice bowl, chicken katsu rice bowl and naked chicken katsu salad. all the dishes have been developed with health in mind which means they there is no guilt to eat at mamago everyday for breakfast and lunch. i have taken inspiration from my travels to japan when developing these dishes. in japan so much of the food is designed to be eaten on the go and we have always wanted to bring some of those ideas back here.”

  • we know that being a chef is rewarding but very challenging so we caught up with amanda from our trafford restaurant to find out why she does it.... ‘i have been working for trafford since we opened 4 years ago. what i love most about working for wagamama is that i have found my second family.’

  • on tuesday afternoon this week, our apprentice class of 2019 gathered in london for a very special moment in their fire up journey | graduation day! a year ago, over 30 chefs began their fire up journey, an apprenticeship programme designed to help them develop + grow, with various areas of expertise such as culinary skills + knowledge, managements and leadership. and at the end of their journey, our graduates had even more to show for their hard work, as they earned a national qualification along the way!

  • earlier this year we ran our wokstars competition for our chefs and flew out our winners to japan to experience the history and current trends of japanese cuisine. anupam, a sous chef in our camberley restaurant shared some of his feelings at the end of the trip...... “wokstars was fantastic. and the final event was just incredible. I remember the final minute, that was surreal, I thought I wasn’t going to make it in time but I believed in myself and kept on going... I didn’t even realise that I was capable of doing this. a big shout out to my team, and especially my head chef omar, who supported me and pushed me, and really motivated me throughout wokstars”

  • we recently caught up with callum, our front of house manager in bristol to hear why he loves coming to work....... "i love working for wagamama because it gives me an environment where i'm free to be myself. every day i get to interact with a variety of people, guests and team alike, making each shift different to the next." we have lots of exciting opportunities to join callum at wagamama, you can view them here http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vM4u4

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    looking for a role? find a job near you looking for something else? select a restaurant inspired by fast-paced japanese ramen bars, wagamama burst into life in 1992. we set out to create a unique way of eating. to play with spices and discover tastes.

  • we heard that people often need a space to meet before their local pride parade. whether that’s because they're attending alone, it’s their first time, or they simply need a place to escape to if celebrations become overwhelming 🌈 so, we're hosting pre-pride meetups across the uk. for everyone who would like to join our teams in attending their local parade. enjoy a green tea on us + make new connections in your local lgbtq+ community if at any time during the day, you need a place to take some time out, our doors will be open + our team will have welcoming arms + water on hand. follow the link to find out if one is happening near you! 👉 http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMFut

    pre-pride meet up | wagamama

    wagamama has always been a welcoming space, where people of all genders, sexualities and races sit side by side on our benches all in

  • it’s mental health awareness week + we’re continuing our mission to encourage more conversation around mental health. last month, together with mind charity, we hosted mental health activists' bryony gordon, dr rangan chatterjee, matt johnson + jessica smith, for a truly inspiring discussion. we want to help end the stigma which often stops people speaking out. and we’re doing it through conversation. open mouths. open minds. follow the link to watch the full video 🙌 👉 http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vMPol

    mindfulness | wagamama

    we have teamed up with mind

  • meet lisa, general manager | “being able to talk about mental health in the workplace is so important and it’s something I care about a lot. the hospitality industry can be challenging at times. we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it, but it’s a high pressure environment. as a manager I have seen my teams experience different aspects of mental health and i’ve also seen first-hand the difference talking about it can make. it brings people together and creates a genuine support network of people who understand” open mouths. open minds. if you are experiencing mental health problems, you can call mind'sinfo line on - 0300 123 3393

  • our brilliant ceo Jane broke the news this morning that for the first time ever wagamama has scored a place in glassdoor top 50 companies to work – as voted by our amazing teams! this is an awesome achievement for many reasons but, the one that sticks out for us, is that we have happy people! as a business, we strive to listen to our people’s feedback and in the spirit of kaizen, make positive changes everyday 2019 will be even bigger and better! thank you to all of our brilliant people for the work you do everyday. keep innovating. keep being yourself. keep being wagamama, and in the wise words of Jane...loveyourselves loveyourteams loveyourguests

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