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How would you orchestrate our a series of microservices

1 Answer

I detailed how I would setup microservices with Kubernetes in my previous experiences

System Design stage: An ambiguous objective, in my case - searching from a web browser and I had to design a back end system for it

1 Answer

Two threads run the code: for (a<100; a++) a++ what is the min and max value of variable "a"?

1 Answer

Take home challenge was to implement an auction house. Around 80% of the constraints were given. A sample input and output was also provided

1 Answer

Algorithm Design stage: classifying a set of items in to specific groups by looking at another stream of data.

1 Answer

Code review a provided implementation of a Stack

1 Answer

Hackerrank test had 4 coding tasks and 6 multiple choice java puzzler style questions

1 Answer

Prototyping on their machine was a bit strange, I was promised to be able to use my own laptop but ended up using some wired terminal emulator and text editor. That was the only inconvenience.

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