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Case Handler Interview Questions


Case handler interview questions shared by candidates

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there were 3 questions. one describe a time when you were unfairly criticized. a time when you improved a process. A tome when you worked under pressure.

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i though I had answered questions well enough but they said I was borderline!! Although the written test actually proves you can do the job. I was lead to believe by the agency that the interview was just a formality if you passed the test so maybe I was under a lase sense of security. They operate the STAR system so be prepared... it was a shot term temp job so rather annoyed but to be honest I wonder whether it had anything to do with age as im the wrong side of 30 !!! was not impressed with their reasons .

"30 years at (a minor former employer), that's good, how was that for you?"

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- Have you worked KPIs before? Would you be happy to stay late to hit target?

Why are you interested in this role? What is one weakness of yours

Do you like tea or coffee? You can make as much as you like for free.

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Face to face interview which was just about your CV and personality fit.

Tell us if a time you went the extra mile for a client.

Name a time you dealt with a challenging customer?

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Can you think of a time you had to make a difficult decision and what was the outcome?

1 Answer

Describe a time where you had to deal with a difficult person.

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