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Momenta Group
Graduate Case Handler was asked...20 June 2019

3 skills you would bring to the job

1 Answers

Use STAR method


Name a time you dealt with a challenging customer?

1 Answers

Use real life examples.


"30 years at (a minor former employer), that's good, how was that for you?"

1 Answers

"I wasnt with that employer for thirty years, I was with... (a major previous employer to that) for 30 years." The interviewer hadn't even bothered reading my CV/Resume properly! Hilarious... incompetent. Less


What makes you want to work for Moneybox?

1 Answers

Working for a company that listens to it's employees and implements change quickly where needed. Less

The Very Group

What have I learnt?

1 Answers

I was going to ask you the same question.


How do you handle workload? How do you deal with difficult customer? How do you know if you've compensated the customer correctly?

1 Answers

- Working through a calendar - Building rapport - The use of compensation calculator Less

Do you like tea or coffee? You can make as much as you like for free.

1 Answers

Can you use Microsoft Word?

Xafinity Hazell Carr

How does it sound?

1 Answers

Sounds fine ( say yes )


Why do you want this job and why do you want to work for Shoosmiths?

1 Answers

I broke the question down into two parts and answered them separately


Describe a time where you have had to change your work plans to suit commercial demands?

1 Answers

Spoke about targets required & how I met them

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