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Claims Handler Interview Questions


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How did you hear about us.

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I got recruited

When was the company first formed and how do you see the future of the company during the current recession ?

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What is the biggest change youve made in your life?

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How do your transferable skills match the role?

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Describe the best customer service you received Describe the worst customer service you received What do you know about the DLG brand Face to face What value will you add to the position What is negligence The rest of the questions are scenario based What would you do if your colleague isn't performing

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Someone on your team is not joining in as much as the others, what would you do about this?

Nothing challenging or relevant. They seem to want to ensure your nice! Ability doesn't come into wether you can answer a phone and follow a procedure. A trained monkey could do it.

Work history

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Why RSA?

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