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Claims Handler was asked...2 September 2017

what would you do if your team leader gave you some work at 4pm with a 5pm deadline and another team leader also gave you some work

4 Answers

Do your Team Leaders work. The other Team Leader should have met with your Team Leader if they wanted any work to be done not gone straight to you. Less

simply I Will do all work. firstly i will do this work in part.and then easily 1 by 1 do all work in the help of team members Less

Prioritise - the job with the 5pm deadline needs to be completed

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Progressive Insurance

Tell me about a time when you were unable to satisfy a customers need, what was the situation , action and the outcome.

2 Answers

I want to ask you about the job. I just applied for a position with Progressivein Tampa, can you email me I need advice~ Katie Less

Be prepared with a bunch of different scenarios. Like tell me about a time when you had too much work to do and how to you meet your guidelines/goals? Tell me about a stressful situation. Tell me about a time you went above and beyond to exceed a customers expectations. Less


A time when you went above and beyond

1 Answers

Explained about a time I helped a customer and got 5 star feedback

Bristol West Insurance Group

How you deal with stressful situation, how you deal with an irate customer, have you ever facing the situation that you have to go against company policy...etc.

1 Answers

Be prepared, be professional. Study Behavioral Style Interview and prepare at least 7~10 situations. Less


Why do you want to work for esure?

1 Answers

Esure is a well established company with a good reputation. Everyone needs insurance whether it be car, home or travel and this is an industry that is on,y going to grow so job stability is a huge factor. Modern call centres with good benefits. Less


Give us an example of when you went the extra mile for a customer.

1 Answers

I gave a really good example of where I got acudtomet at Jet2 much higher financial compensation because the customer was traumatised. Less


How would you deal with a customer over the phone who is really upset and screaming?

1 Answers

I would listen to them thoroughly first, and explain to them in a calm voice that I understand and empathise with them. Furthermore I would calmly and kindly try to explain to the client over the phone what I am going to do or how I can resolve the problem. Less


What do you know about Allianz?

1 Answers

Talked about their values, company founder, number of employees


Why I want to leave from my previous job.

1 Answers

I was not satisfied from my salary.


Tell me a time when a colleague/friend put you in a difficult position, what happened and how did you deal with it

1 Answers

Used a personal situation I dealt with

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