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The most difficult question I was asked was 'explain a time when you had to say no to a client'.

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I think it was important when responding to this question that I fully explained the reasons that had lead to me having no choice but to disappoint and to show the positives that came out of it. It was vital to show my skills in dealing with difficult situations in order to give a good impression of how I work.

What was my gallery experience.

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How do you improve yourself How do you deal with an irrate customer

What are your skills and what are your weaknesses What did you like about your employer and what did you not like about your employer What motivates you and what demotivates you (there's a pattern here.....)

say about urself ,y do you want to work !such a irrespective question, I thought of asking why are u Woking

To talk about the relevant work in depth. I.e whether I did research on the products they work with.

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There were three stages: a personality test, second stage: conversation about my career and for the third stage a math, finance and logics test.

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