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Describe a time when you had to show leadership

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State the name of the company, the situation you were faced with, what actions did you take and what was the result of these actions

What sort of group activities did you do at the discovery day?

Competency based questions; worth noting though that if you have any competency you shouldn't work for Saica as they reward incompetence and will ultimately de-skill you.

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Why Arla?

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Online Interview: They ask you about your education, why you chose your subjects and university, your motivation for working in Logistics at TJX, understanding of the off-price business model and how that is different from full price retailing, how the off price model affects Logistics, and a few of the usual competency questions. Assessment Centre (1:1 Interview, Data Analysis Exercise, 2x Group Exercises, Q&A) This is a LONG DAY of assessments. During the 1:1 interview they asked motivational questions (Why TJX? Why Logistics? Why You?), questions about the company and business model (make sure you fully understand the off price business model, how the company buys and merchandises stock, and how all this affects Logistics), and also competency questions (examples of teamwork, past achievements, leadership, conflict etc) For the Data Analysis exercise, they give you some time to prepare in the morning and then discuss your work with an assessor after lunch. It's more about your train of though in getting to a solution and how you argue your case, rather than arriving at a particular solution. They really value teamwork and collaboration, which is why they have 2 different group exercises. Make sure you're heard but don't take over the conversation and include everybody. Again, it's more about the process rather than the end results. The Q&A isn't assessed, it's just a chance to ask people from the Logistics department more about the role and industry. Tips: For the Assessment Centre, the HR department/Early Careers Team will send you information and links to different sections of their website to prepare for the interview. Definitely use this, but also try to find out more information on your own - I looked up their outsourcing work with Total Logistics and how they've improved their supply chain/logistics process in the last few years. They look for personality, so try to be yourself and even make some friends during the day. They'll hire everyone they think is suitable so it's not about competing against the other candidates there Teamwork! Show that you can work with all sort of people and that you enjoy doing so. Curiosity! They love this too, if you don't understand something during the day or aren't sure of an answer you've given in the interview (like me lol) then ask the assessor if that's the answer they were expecting or what they would have said.

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Tell us a about yourself?

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How do I suite the role?

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Was asked 1 question. How did you get to this point in your life.!

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Tell me about yourself

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No curve ball questions: skills-based, and experience discussed

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Situation, task, action, result format questions based on my knowledge, skills and experience.

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