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Logistics Manager Interview Questions


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What you can bring to this job

1 Answer

25 Years of experience in all aspects of Logistics

Excel file: there's plenty of prepping material on the internet, it goes from bonus scheme design for drivers to a lot of pivot tables. No macros Questions: classic interview questions, like "why Uber", "why do you think you are a good fit for Uber", etc

Tell me about your self

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If X wasn't performing in your team, what would you do?

Prepare for all the classic questions and make sure you know how to deal with questions regarding conflict, such as who and why didn't you get along with someone in your previous job.

1. talk about your CV 2. what is challenge in your job 3 how do you manage people 4 can you use sap

How would you sign up 100 new drivers in a day?

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Tell us about a time you dealt with working a colleague that you didn't get on with, etc.

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