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Operations Assistant Interview Questions


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How would you rate the store between 1-10

1 Answer

Dunelm rate their stores daily on their commercial awareness and availability but not working there you don't know what they focus on, this is a loaded question and is evaluating your retailing standards, my advise is pitch lower than you would have.

Monday mornings are quiet boring what u do to get in the mood to work?

1 Answer

most unexpected, where do you want to work

1 Answer

Design a betting system on a 7 series game beetween two teams A and B (even odds at each game), such as if A wins the series your cumulated gain is exacly £100 and if A looses your cumulated loss is exactly £100.

3 Answers

Have you ever used confidence in a situation to reflect onto someone else?

About my CV, I mentioned sage work, and if I was able to carry out certain tasks in Sage or would be happy to train to refresh memory and take it on as part of the role

1 Answer

Is there ever a time where you have gone above and beyond for a customer?

Q: How can you increase the F&B Sales?

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