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how do you deal with difficult/angry customer?

5 Answers

stay calm , present the company to the best of your ability , be positive , address him /her very professionally try to meet him /her at the point of him /her complain and try to sort out the problem / angry attitude for once and all

By following them patiently

By always being on your safety, be concious of all am doing

How do you handle deadlines?

3 Answers

"I know we are not allowed to ask you this and you dont have to answer but I am going to ask you anyway" 1) is there anything you want to tell us? 2) how old are you? 3) what is your marital status? 4) do you have any children?

2 Answers

You are busy stacking shelves..A customer comes to you and asks you about a product, unfortunately there aren't any in stock..What do you do?

2 Answers

What my work consists of on a daily basis

2 Answers

Why I wanted to work for Amazon?

2 Answers

Sample of poor questions: How do you manage your emails? Do you mind travelling all day and working like a dog basically?

2 Answers

How would I manage a challenging colleague

2 Answers

Talk me through your CV

2 Answers

We want you but we cant afford you - what shall we do?

2 Answers
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