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What skills do you have?

3 Answers

Interviewer barely wrote my answers down (because it's a scam)

I was interviewed by a woman called Eva Garcia who I am sure is fake

Yes it was definitely fake, I was interviewed by a woman called Henna Dungar, I hope you didn't pay money to them scammers

Tell us about yourself

2 Answers

What makes you want to be HR Manager? and how can you prove your ability? (the same question will be asked, when applicants apply for Health Care Assistant Roles)

1 Answer

My strengths and weaknesses.

1 Answer

If I asked you to memorise everything in this room and I asked you where is a specific book or material, would you be able to tell where it is?

1 Answer

How you prioritise a busy workload?

1 Answer

If a service user had £10 and wanted to spend it on cigarettes what would you do?

1 Answer

How do you manage to work on repetitive, tedious tasks?

1 Answer

General CV questions

1 Answer

What experience do you have

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