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Personal Assistant Interview Questions


Personal assistant interview questions shared by candidates

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What would you do if you had a phone call from somebody suffering from Schizophrenia that was threatening to commit suicide.

1 Answer

Suggest they talk to a friend, call the Samaritans, call for an ambulance or I would seek advice from a manager.

'how would your friends describe you?'

1 Answer

Describe a time you have had an issue with someone - or they you - and how you delay with it

1 Answer

What have you done in your previous work that will help you be a good PA?

1 Answer

How you prioritise a busy workload?

1 Answer

1. What do you find interesting about this role? 2. Tell us about in opportunity when you wanted to improve a process? 3. How do you handle conflicting priorities? 4. What areas are you good at to hit the ground running? How do you get started at a new job? 5. Talk through your role and how you got to where you are. 6. What would a good day at work look like for you? 7. How would you define a good working relationship?

1 Answer

First face to face was competency based. 3 more interviews preceded this all less formal.

Will I be able not to cave in when the boss's wife makes demands of me, like coffee for her?

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