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What kind of data would be required by a GPS like Google Maps to plot optimal routes around the UK? How much data would it be? What data structures would you use? How would you search for the quickest or shortest route from A to B using this data?

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Graph algorithms

Do you believe in achieving goals quickly and some lack of quality is fine or quality over quantity is your approach?

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Perhaps standard in back-end software developer roles for 'smart' companies (they do alot of algorithmic, big data work) but they asked a few 'trick' questions (they identified them as such beforehand), one was regarding adding two uncast 'char' types together (code looked like they were integers at first glance), and asked what the result would be. Another involved a tricky 'do, while' loop condition that didn't quite do what it looked like it should

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When did you recieve that email...

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Can you give an example of a were two quantities exhibit a strong correlation which does not prove to be significant.

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There was a question about a change of variable in a multiple integral. Don't forget about the Jacobian.

Coding question in Python, standard CV / experience questions

Last film you watched/book you read that really got under your skin?

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