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Can you describe your experience in the gaming industry?

3 Answers

I described my life as a gamer and provided examples

do you remember how was the second part of the interview? Did they asked you a lot of difficult questions?

Had you had any work experience in the video game industry? or were you simply keen on playing video games?

What is the difference between Black Box and White Box Testing

2 Answers

Telephone Interview Q: What is a 202 Response Code?

2 Answers

What is you history of gaming and with Rockstar?

2 Answers

what do you know about login radius

1 Answer

What do you consider as the most important aspect of Software Testing?

1 Answer

How many hours a week on average do you spend gaming?

1 Answer

Bug life cycle

1 Answer

How do you test a web page using python? Are you using any test framework?

1 Answer

What games do I play?

1 Answer
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