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SCC has a staff retention problem and will want to work hard to understand your reasons for having more than one job in your entire career...

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White board a very complex solution design and answer detailed questions in 15 minutes

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Give An Example On The White Board

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What do you bring for this role

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The advice I would leave here would be to ensure you prepare for the presentation and understand the business. The panel I presented too asked a number of challenging questions around my design and thankfully I had done my homework and was able to answer them all.

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No, specific interview questions as such (tells you how inefficient the process is) but mostly talking about your CV and past experience.

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Describe how Active Directory works

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What's the difference between a stateful and stateless proxy?

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The written assignment question was: "What was the most inventive or innovative thing you have done?" During the four (4) face-to-face interviews, the interviewers will ask questions that require a STAR approach response. These are some of those questions: "Tell about a situation where you disagreed with your manager" "Tell about an achievement you are most proud of in your career" "Tell about how you meet a challenging deadline that you committed to deliver" "Tell about what is the most challenging thing(s) about working internationally"

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