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You have 1000 elements which of the following is largest.

2 Answers

There were various options, largest was 2^n - number of all subsets

It's actually number of all possible permutations of list since n! > 2^n

- Technical Assignment to demonstrate using BDD on their mobile app. - How do I select the best candidates for automation - How do I prioritise areas to test when there is too much to test

1 Answer

What data structure is usually used for databases

1 Answer

Don't remember exact wording, but given current computers, if something take certain number of operations, how long it's going to take to finish

1 Answer

Having array of numbers. Iterating once over it, you compare two elements next to each other, and you swap them if element on the right is smaller than element on the left. What is true about the array at the end.

1 Answer

Which of the following algorithms return shortest path in the graph

1 Answer

Given algorithm what is it's O complexity

1 Answer

How can you check that number is odd.

1 Answer

How long would take to calculate sums of each pair of elements in array

1 Answer

How would you know what to test? What would you do if the project fell behind? What would you do if team are running late but still need to get everything done for a fixed date? How would you determine what to test in tight timelines?

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