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You done x 10 years ago - why do you think you experience is relevant today

3 Answers

explained that the circumstances were similar and the skills used then are still valid today

Nursing is such that skills you learnt 10 years ago are still valid today. There are always new technologies coming out and every now and again medications and current PROCEDURES and protocols become obsolete that on going self directed learning and seminar appearances are of utmost importance

The core principles remain the same but through continual evidence based research, we practice scientific based nursing so to seek the patients best interest.

Business plans for my area

2 Answers

Spoke a lot about my future and want I want to achieve

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Why did you choose Curzon PR to apply for a role?

1 Answer

AML background

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What relevant experience do you have in this area?

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they asked me the reason the drove me into applying for a position at AJE

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Given a series of statements about a business intending to develop two new produts, build a financial model showing cash flow, profit and loss by month over a three year period.

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What is your management style?

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What are the most important things to do when facing product development strategy change?

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