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Given a series of statements about a business intending to develop two new produts, build a financial model showing cash flow, profit and loss by month over a three year period.

1 Answer

Expected to produce a model in excel. Points awarded for structured thinking - I am no accountant and, although this would be routine for accountants, it is not exactly rocket science.

What is your management style?

1 Answer

What are the most important things to do when facing product development strategy change?

1 Answer

Management experiences, performance management, coaching, project management

1 Answer

"What role are you interviewing for?"

1 Answer

It was so disorganised and the questions were off topic. It was very convoluted and unprofessional. Clearly these people don't know how to interview and represent a disorganised cowboy organisation. Reading other Glassdoor comments validated the experience.

Spoke a lot about my future and want I want to achieve

1 Answer

Why did you choose Curzon PR to apply for a role?

1 Answer

Why do you want this job. Why do you want to work here. How to you communicate in a matrix scenario.

What relevant experience do you have in this area?

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