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general competency questions such as experience on leadership, project management, etc.

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experience based answers

What do you know of our client base? Which do you most want to work with? And Why? What do you know about ACA? Why ACA? Something in the news that interests you and talk about it They will usually ask 2 of the 3 questions in the phone interview. Partner interview can be whatever the partner wants, but in my case it was all scripted and all just competency questions.

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In the past, where have you demonstrated courage, enthusiasm and dedication?

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a time seek feedback, little guidance, recent business interesting news, analytical skill experience Just prepare personal experience for each competencies of their 5 core professionals.

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Various SJT questions, some with no obvious correct answers.

Tell us something you do everyday that you enjoy.

Tell me about a time when you were working as part of a team? Did any conflicts arise? How did you resolve those conflicts? What was the end result? If you were working with your team here at PwC, and you had to decommission a thorium fusion reactor for a client in under a week, where would you begin, bearing in mind the PwC five-pronged flowchart of world beneficence? (this is obviously exaggeration, but it serves to illustrate the banality of the questions).

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