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Audit Associate Interview Questions


Audit associate interview questions shared by candidates

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In the past, where have you demonstrated courage, enthusiasm and dedication?

1 Answer

Answered on a number of personal experiences about captaining football teams, taking on new challenges, seeing tasks through the end and working with difficult allocated teams at university.

What do you know of our client base? Which do you most want to work with? And Why? What do you know about ACA? Why ACA? Something in the news that interests you and talk about it They will usually ask 2 of the 3 questions in the phone interview. Partner interview can be whatever the partner wants, but in my case it was all scripted and all just competency questions.

1 Answer

general competency questions such as experience on leadership, project management, etc.

1 Answer

Why PwC? Why this area? Past activities to prove that you are suitable for their company.

Very informal interview. The partner just asked me to tell about myself and why am I here.

2 Answers

Apart from Ext Audit, Int Audit & Consulting, which other areas you can add value?

Why PwC? Lots of competency based questions. Everything can be found on the website.

What is a current business story that interests you?

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