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A call centre representative needs to have excellent communication skills and be able to thrive under pressure. Most call centre jobs are fast-paced and demanding. In an interview, employers will want to see that you are a quick learner, have a polite and helpful demeanour and have strategies in place to deal with stressful situations.

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Top Call Centre Representative Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top call centre representative interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Why do you want to work for this company?

How to answer: As a call centre representative, you are the primary point of contact between the public and the company. You need to demonstrate that you appreciate the services that the company offers and also that you understand their values. Give an example of something you admire about their product or service, and be enthusiastic about how you can contribute to customer satisfaction.

Question No. 2: How do you deal with difficult customers?

How to answer: As a call centre representative, you will sometimes need to deal with difficult customers. Give an example of a situation where you had to deal with a customer who was upset, angry or hard to deal with. Try not to blame anyone. Instead, talk about the strategies you used and whether the outcome was successful. If you don't have any experience in call centres, use an example from a professional or personal context that shows you know how to be calm and polite in stressful interactions.

Question No. 3: What are your strategies for coping with deadlines and pressure?

How to answer: Some call centres can be high-pressure environments where you will have to meet strict quotas or deadlines. Use specific examples to show which strategies you use when faced with pressure. For example, you may use lists or calendars to keep track of projects, or Pomodoro sessions to process tasks. You may use mantras or meditations to keep you focused. If you don't have call centre experience, draw on other stressful situations, for example, preparing for an exam.

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Call Center Sales Representative was asked...13 March 2015

What is something that you can use to improve your job?

22 Answers

Yes, We should definitely keep a positive mindset. But My center is in Silver Spring MD, and training starts May 4th, I just wish theyd send the info further so I can put in my two weeks. But definitely keep me posted as I will do the same. Good luck! Less

I don't know when the training date is, here in Newport News VA...... But good luck and I'll keep you posted Less

Maybe because theyre still interviewing people. I have an interview wednesday for the call center sales in newport news. Less

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Wynn Resorts

What type of experience do you have?

6 Answers

I have customer service experience, customer support management skills, cleaning skills, Less

Customer service

I have experience, as houskeeping,butler, waiter, bartender and bar waiter

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Ally Financial

What is the first thing that you do when a customer is enraged on a call?

4 Answers

I would listen and try resolve the problem the best way I can.

Empathize, take control, assure them that I'm the best person to handle their issue Less


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How does you previous work experience relate to the position you are applying for?

3 Answers


You can hire a trained monkey to do what im doing

Whoops. I was just kidding with that answer and now I cant remove it

If I speak you in english will you understand?

3 Answers

Yes, sure.



Expert Global Solutions

Could I commit to working evenings, Saturdays AND Sundays?

3 Answers

if you can commit to training why can't you work? that's why HR couldn't answer that question. it wasn't discrimination, you weren't being consistent. Less

1:They contacted me not the other way around. No mention was made during the initial phone call that I would have to be available to work Sundays. 2: The unprofessional receptionist tried to deny me the interview. 3:Training would have been three weeks. It was an attempt at COMPROMISE. I was willing to forego practicing my religion for a SHORT period of time but not on a permanent basis. They discriminate against people of faith. Less

Stated that my religion would not allow me to work Sundays. If needed I would commit to training on Sundays. Could I work Sundays? Stated again my religion does not allow me to work on Sundays. They asked if I could work Sunday evenings. Again, stated my religion does not allow me to work on Sundays. I asked why are they discriminating against my religious beliefs? HR person did not understand my question. Less


Be prepared to review your resume and address past experience in Customer Service and/or Call Centers

3 Answers

Had sent resume via email prior to interview, and also brought a hard copy to offer upon face-to-face interview. Was prepared to highlight, in a clear, concise manner, any experience relevant to the position. Less

Swab drug test

Was the drug test swab or urine

Hinduja Global Solutions

What is your background

3 Answers



My background is engineering are my strength

Wynn Resorts

Give a brief overview of your work history.

3 Answers

Be short and fast in the group setting

My work consists of team work, working in the field of food, and serving guests From various regions Less

I have 6 years experience as hotel security hereat abu dhabi ,uae..6 years in philippines as security guard at british embassy under g4s phil Less


What is your name?!

3 Answers


Aakash Dubey

I didn't read it probably

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