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Customer Advisor Interview Questions


Customer advisor interview questions shared by candidates

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3 Answers

Know your perecents



Which position did you apply for.

1 Answer

What makes you different from the other candidates in the lobby?

3 Answers

Tell me how you are ideal for this role?

1 Answer

What would I do if the line dropped during a call?

1 Answer

Most difficult thing was explaining myself over and over. Try not to give too much detail away when you answer to start with as often questions are dragged out. Even if you go off track with the question make sure you always give an example, as they want to hear of a time you did something (not of what you can do) its more about what you have done.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for Argos?

1 Answer

Create a 10 minute presentation about something you are passionate about

1 Answer

You are on a desert island. Put these 16 items in order of importance.

1 Answer

What do you know about us?

2 Answers
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