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Main questions are: - What do you know about Sigma-Aldrich? (read the website but don't quote it) - What do you think about Sigma-Aldrich? (sing its praises) - Why do you want to work here? - What do you know about sales? - What is your sales experience?

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The questions and answers are pretty standard. Nothing surprising. It's very important to be a team player

- They will go through your experience, achievements and motivations over the phone - If you are successful, they will invite you for a panel interview with 4-5 Zscaler members. You will be required to present yourself (5 minutes), to deliver a short presentation on a success story (10 minutes) and to engage in a roleplay in which you will be a Zscaler rep trying to persuade a prospect to agree on a proof of concept.

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What I wanted in a job and where I wanted to be in 5 years

Describe a time you have had to solve a complex problem

Are you comfortable working from home?

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They asked me how I have dealt with any difficult situation such as an interest of conflict or any conflict in a work place environment and how did i deal with it.

Why was I leaving a company after barely a year at the job?

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