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2nd Round: You have a deck of cards, 26 red, 26 black. These are turned over, and at any point you may stop and exclaim "The next card is red.". If the next card is red you win £10. What's the optimal strategy? Prove this is the optimal strategy.

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The simplest strategy is not to wait until any card is open and say the next one is red, than you have 26/52 chance of success. All other strategies require conditional probabilities, so when multiplying by the probability of that condition the overall probability is not going to be greater than 1/2.

Regardless of your strategy, your probability of winning is 1/2

Nope the optimal strategy is to count the amount of black cards that come up until you hit 26 and obviously the next one is red

Where do you want to live?

3 Answers

What's your favourite car? (I answered) we can make that happen here..

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Why do u want to work for this particular company?

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What do u know about the company as a whole already?

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Where do u see yourself in 5 years time?

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The recruiter do not keep the word with you, it is difficult to be hired not because of question but due to lack of attention and details from recruiters.

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How would I approach first 30/60/90 days

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Why do you want to work here?

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Main questions are: - What do you know about Sigma-Aldrich? (read the website but don't quote it) - What do you think about Sigma-Aldrich? (sing its praises) - Why do you want to work here? - What do you know about sales? - What is your sales experience?

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