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You roll two die: What is the probability of rolling a 10 and an 11 before rolling a 7?

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How did you get that?

Individually 10 comes up 3/11 (4+6, 5+5, 6+4), 11 comes up 2/11, 7 comes up 6/11. Consider 10 first: Then only interested in 7,11: Probability 11 is 2/8, 7 is 6/8. Consider 11 first: Then only interested in 7,10: Probability 10 is 3/9, 7 is 6/9. Consider 7 first: Busted. So add 10 then 11, and 11 then 10: (3/11)*(2/8)+(2/11)*(3/99)=17/132.

Are bond prices affected more by a yield change at high or low yields?

4 Answers

What is your biggest weakness?

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This is a roleplay, where I am a client, and you are the representative in this meeting. You have spent months creating this set of computers for me, of which I want a few thousand. It has everything that I asked for in the contract. I want it red, but you've made them all blue

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Was asked 3/4 times. What would you used to store a collection of unique elements/values.

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Why do you want to work here and what would you bring?

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Why you want this job? If we are not hiring you then what you will do?

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Give an example of a challenging situation when needing to make a critical decision, explaining the scenario, how you evaluated the options and the reason for the decision that you made.

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Why do you want to work here

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Why should the company hire you?

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