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How do you manage a project risk?

2 Answers

Tell me more about yourself

By always having a contingency plan. For example, due to movement restrictions as a result of the pandemic, some activities may have to be supervised remotely or research activities conducted through Skype or Zoom.

What projects have you previously managed? Can you sum up project management in one word?

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The first thing they asked was 'where is this one through'? Meaning I'm the 'one' and they wondered I imagine which agency had been involved

1 Answer

Why project management and why Pod Point?

1 Answer

What I want I am looking for from Browns and how I think they can help me progress?

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How do you get exactly 6 litres if you only have a 5 litre bucket and a 7 litre bucket?

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Plans for the future like do you plan to get a degree as this Level 3 apprenticeship

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What would your 1st 6 weeks in the role look like?

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What app would you create that you would find useful?

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Why Hiscox? Lloyds Banking Group (my previous employer) have treated you very well in terms of your development and progression so what is it about Hiscox that made you apply?

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