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What is your favourite Google Product, and how would you improve it?

5 Answers


google playstore by adding various app to it

I would take a mask for my friend

Tell me why do you want to work for J P Morgan?

2 Answers

How would you improve Instagram for small businesses?

1 Answer

Q: Similar experiences to product manager?

3 Answers

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Do you have experience on the subject matters of life sciences and biological sciences?

1 Answer

Standard motivational questions that one would expect: 1. Why do you want to work at Oodle? 2. Why product management? Experience Related Questions: 1. Have you ever used data to inform a decision before? Describe the process. 2. Do you have any experience working in an agile environment?

1 Answer

Select a product and tell me how you would improve it.

1 Answer

Can you speak and write Russian?

1 Answer

What does final product hand over mean to you?

1 Answer

Describe a time you had a problem and how you fixed it.

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