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How do you motivate others?

8 Answers

According to there hierarchy position in maslow motivation theory

To show my passionable life in every field for example I will wake-up every morning 6 o clock and start my exercise healthy body is the first step to success ofter deal different situations in office ofter my office schedule I spent my time with my family .

To realize their own potential to do everything. Also I target their past work in which they are do perfectly. I am not using any type of lecture to motivate others. I only remind them their own success history.

if you were to be in any film what would it be

2 Answers

Can you work unaided

1 Answer

Will I work overtime

1 Answer

what is your cycling background

1 Answer

why would you like to work for them

1 Answer

What do you know about this company

1 Answer

If you had to choose between toes for fingers or fingers for toes which would you prefer?

1 Answer

Do you want to work here?

1 Answer
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