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Imagine you have two balls in front of you. The two balls have the same mass and the same volume. However, one of the balls is hollow from the inside. How would you know which one is which?

3 Answers

Different moments of inertia.

Have a listen and see if it's hollow

The one with hollow interior has a greater diameter then the solid one.

What do you have to offer in this role?

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If you need to install an FCU in the room, where will you install?

2 Answers

my involvement with single and three phase machinery; installation; maintenance; fault-finding; isolation and repairs; PLC's; inverters; electronics; robotics;; pneumatics; hydraulics

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They asked me if I had an experience as a mechanical engineer and many questions about common bus issues.

1 Answer

Is there a way that we can help you with transport? (They were very accommodating and did everything they could to make me feel welcome and integrated)

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Any Experience in Leading team and Direct Client facing roles in past?

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Current salary and recent projects

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Example of engineering analysis done in previous job.

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Can you describe parts of this jet engine?

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