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What is the difference between TCP and UDP?

1 Answer

UDP – connection-less protocol, packets travel independently TCP – connection-oriented protocol, TCP rearranges packets in specific order

TCP connection initiation (a.k.a handshake) sequence

1 Answer

How would you reverse a string in Python?

1 Answer

How would you replace all occurances of the word 'apple' with word 'orange' in a text file?

1 Answer

The technical test was, within the next 48 hours write a python script that can retrieve, process and display information from a micro service that was provided.

1 Answer

Most efficient way to count the number of bits set to 1, in an array of 10.000 60-bit integers.

All of the questions were equally difficult.

Could you improve on the complexity of your programming solution (i.e. big-O notation)

Would it be difficult to leave home?

1 Answer

Why London?

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